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Smiling could prolong your life
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YES, Dentists count!
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Common oral infections that can damage your teeth and health
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How Flossing Can Save Your Money… 
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What’s the Big Deal About Flossing? 
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Your Questions Answered About Teeth Whitening Done at Home…
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Your Mouth and Mountain Dew? Why This is a Problem…
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Stem Cell Teeth Coming…But Implants are Here Now – Part 1   
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What Might You Have In Common With 3 Million People? 
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“Love Your Teeth Day” Yes. It is a thing…
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More About Sedation Dentistry
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What You Can Do if You Crave Sweets When You’re Pregnant…without harming your teeth
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What Dolphins and Sedation Dentistry Have in Common…
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Teeth Whitening – More Questions You Want Answered
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How to Relieve the Pain from a Toothache
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How Do I Teach My Kids to Brush Their Teeth?
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5 Fun Ways to Get Your Child to Brush Their Teeth
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Dental Health During Pregnancy: Part 3 – How to Care for Your Teeth Through Morning Sickness
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Can an Abscessed Tooth Kill You?
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West Airdrie Dentists Talk About Where You Keep Your Toothbrush
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Tough Talk About Oral Cancer from West Airdrie Dentists
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The Power of Flossing, According to Your West Airdrie Dentist
Did you know that you miss cleaning 35% of your tooth surfaces if you aren’t flossing? Many patients believe that[...]
Do You Have Ties to George Washington?
Contrary to popular myth, the first President George Washington never had wooden teeth. His dentures were made from ivory, gold,[...]
Gummy Candy and West Airdrie Dental Clinic
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Serious Talk from West Airdrie Dentists About the Snoring Elephant in the Room
Snoring isn’t just something your partner does to irritate you in the middle of the night (or you to them)![...]
Why Are They Called ‘Wisdom Teeth’, Anyway?
Wisdom teeth got their nickname from the age when they typically grow in. Wisdom teeth are actually called third molars.[...]
West Airdrie Dentist Answers: Can you wear a mouth guard with braces?
Yes. And with braces, you definitely should! An injury to the face is something everyone wants to avoid. In fact,[...]
Free Dental Day
West Airdrie Dental Holds Hugely Successful Free Dental Day As your local dental practice, West Airdrie Dental is committed to[...]