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Sleep Apnea   •   August 7, 2018

Serious Talk from West Airdrie Dentists About the Snoring Elephant in the Room

Snoring isn’t just something your partner does to irritate you in the middle of the night (or you to them)! It’s usually a warning sign of sleep apnea – where the throat (airway) is obstructed and you (or your partner) aren’t getting enough oxygen to your blood while you sleep. Sometimes the result is even […]

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Wisdom Teeth   •   August 2, 2018

Why Are They Called ‘Wisdom Teeth’, Anyway?

Wisdom teeth got their nickname from the age when they typically grow in. Wisdom teeth are actually called third molars. Most people refer to the third molars as wisdom teeth, but where did they get this name? The third molars do not grow out until the dental arch becomes larger, around the age of 17-25, […]

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Mouth Guards, Oral Health   •   July 31, 2018

West Airdrie Dentist Answers: Can you wear a mouth guard with braces?

Yes. And with braces, you definitely should! An injury to the face is something everyone wants to avoid. In fact, a recent study showed that 84% of kids are involved in some sort of active sport each year. However, a mouth injury to someone wearing braces is more than just a typical injury. Brackets can […]

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Dental Health   •   June 6, 2017

Free Dental Day

West Airdrie Dental Holds Hugely Successful Free Dental Day As your local dental practice, West Airdrie Dental is committed to helping our community. During our recent Free Dental Day, we supported local families by offering free dental care to those unable to afford to see a dentist regularly and who do not qualify for social […]

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