Where You Keep Your Toothbrush Matters…Or Does It?

cartoon bacteria playing on toothbrush 0 bacteria can grow on your toothbrush causing more harm when you brush

Recently, a story about toothbrushes and toilets have been making the rounds on the internet.  Maybe you’ve heard about it. The theory is, when the toilet seat is opened, even if the commode is several feet away, airborne germs from a toilet flush will infect your toothbrush with fecal bacteria. It sounds pretty scary, not to mention gross! As a … Read More

Stem Cell Teeth Coming…But Implants are Here Now – Part 2  

Implants can make eating enjoyable again

As shared in Part 1, there are tests going on to develop replacement teeth using stem cells. This does look promising, however, it’s not here yet.   In the meantime, implants are here and available now. Let’s continue to look at the next 5 reasons you should consider this option if you’re facing having to replace missing teeth.   And, … Read More

Stem Cell Teeth Coming…But Implants are Here Now – Part 1   

Implants can help hold in your denture

In a study published by the Journal of Dental Research, Dr. Jeremy Moa found stem cells have the ability to regenerate teeth. The main consideration is finding a cost-effective approach for patients who either can’t afford or aren’t good candidates for implants.   Of course, growing the teeth is the first step. Next is getting your mouth, more specifically the … Read More

What Might You Have In Common With 3 Million People? 

tooth fairy cartoon

Here are some interesting facts you might enjoy knowing about dental implants. (yes, they do exist!) In 1951, a small group of dentists who were successfully placing dental implants formed the AAID – American Academy of Implant Dentistry. They wanted to share their knowledge on the practice of implantology. AAID is the first professional organization in the world dedicated to … Read More

“Love Your Teeth Day” Yes. It is a thing…

Cute cartoon tooth hugging a heart - Love your teeth day is Sept 20th in China

Many people know that China has a booming population. Over 1.35 BILLION people! That’s a LOT of mouths to take care of. However, a lot of Chinese people put off dental care due to fear, expense, or they just don’t see the need until their teeth become an emergency. Sound familiar?   At any rate, several decades ago the Chinese … Read More

High-Risk Dental Factors from Diabetes: Part 2 – Steps to Control the Problems  

smiling older couple

In a previous blog, the topic of what serious dental risks people with diabetes face was addressed. It was stated that those with diabetes can suffer an increase in having cavities, gingivitis and periodontal disease. But the good news is, there are 4 important steps you can take, if you have diabetes, to ensure that cavities, gingivitis, and periodontitis aren’t … Read More

More About Sedation Dentistry

Here’s something you may not know…   There are four methods for sedating a patient during an in-office dental procedure. They are:   Anxiolytic or minimal sedation Conscious/moderate sedation Deep sedation General anesthesia.   Each one is tailored to the amount of dental work that needs to be done. Your dentist will determine which method is best for you and … Read More

What Dolphins and Sedation Dentistry Have in Common…


Most people don’t know this, but you can tell a dolphin’s age by its teeth. Just like trees, dolphin’s teeth have rings inside them that tell how old they are. Their teeth are permanent, but they don’t use them for chewing. Why? They have no muscles in their jaws and as a result can’t chew. They have to swallow their … Read More

Teeth Whitening – More Questions You Want Answered

Whitening your teeth can change your whole look

Fun Fact: No two people have the same set of teeth—your teeth are as unique as your fingerprint, so be proud of your unique set of teeth.   If you’re like a lot of dental patients, there’s been an upswing in interest regarding the teeth whitening process. Since your teeth are unique to you, you want to be sure they … Read More