Why Do Your Teeth Feel Fuzzy When You Forget to Brush?

Keeping your teeth clean keeps away the 'fuzzies'

We’ve all done it – you get busy, rushed in the morning and forget to brush your teeth. Or maybe you’re so exhausted one night that you don’t brush before you get into bed. The next thing you realize, your teeth feel fuzzy against your tongue. Ever wonder what causes that fuzzy feeling? In this instance, it’s plaque! Plaque is … Read More

How to Relieve the Pain from a Toothache

woman with mouth pain holding her jaw

How do you relieve the pain from a toothache is an age old question. Many people know the excruciating pain a toothache can cause. Toothaches have been going on for centuries. And back then, the speediest remedy was simply to go to the barber (yes, the barber) and have it pulled. Some people have gone to extreme measures by trying … Read More

How Do I Teach My Kids to Brush Their Teeth?

How do I teach my child to brush?

According to the Clinical Affairs Committee, almost half of all children have cavities before they enter kindergarten. In fact, the #1 disease afflicting kids today IS tooth decay. The best way to keep your child from being one of those statistics? Teaching good, consistent oral hygiene habits. How do I teach my kids to brush their teeth is a common question … Read More

5 Fun Ways to Get Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

each your child that brushing makes them a superhero banishing germs

Ah, bedtime with young children. The time when some children would rather eat Brussel sprouts than brush their teeth. It can be frustrating for you, as a parent to get your kids to brush. In fact, some parents just bypass it altogether. While it’s easy to dismiss baby teeth because they’ll fall out anyway, it’s important to remember baby teeth … Read More

Can an Abscessed Tooth Kill You?

vampire hand waving from coffin

Whether you’re just plain stubborn or you have specific reasons for putting up with a toothache;  an abscessed tooth can indeed kill you. What is an abscessed tooth? An abscessed tooth is a tooth with an infection that has spread to the root or root tip of the tooth. For a variety of reasons, bacteria got into the tooth (cavity, … Read More

West Airdrie Dentists Talk About Where You Keep Your Toothbrush

West Airdrie Dental talks about good oral hygiene.

You’ve probably heard the story about toothbrushes and toilets. The theory goes that even if it is several feet away, airborne germs from a toilet flush will infect your toothbrush with fecal bacteria. It sounds pretty scary, and many people now make sure to close the cover of their toilet before they flush. The problem is that this attitude causes … Read More

Tough Talk About Oral Cancer from West Airdrie Dentists

West Airdrie Dentists talk about oral cancer warning signs and symptoms.

No one likes to hear the word “cancer”. Oral cancer, or mouth cancer, can be especially devastating because the surgeries, radiation/chemotherapy, and other forms of treatment are typically visible on the face and neck. Oral cancer can be fatal. According to American Cancer Society statistics, more than 36,000 people were diagnosed with the disease in 2010, and almost 8,000 deaths … Read More