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Care For Your Tooth And Gum
Periodontal Care In Airdrie

Our West Airdrie dentists care about more than just your teeth. Periodontics (The gums, bone, and all the structures surrounding your teeth) are important, too. In fact, those bones and tissues contribute to the overall health of your mouth AND your whole body!

How Do My Gums Affect My Health?

When bacteria get into your gingival tissues, it can cause inflammation, bleeding, infection, and disease. Your teeth can loosen and fall out, and bone loss will follow.

Gum disease and the conditions that cause it are linked to many other conditions including heart disease, diabetes, and infertility just to name a few. It develops over a period of time but if you are having your regular exams, our dentist will be able to help you manage any developing conditions at an earlier and more responsive stage.

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Could I Have Periodontal Disease?

Unlike other conditions, gum disease doesn’t usually cause pain. It can be hard to detect if you don’t know the warning signs. Your regular exams are good for keeping your periodontal health in check, but if you notice any of the following symptoms, you should call our West Airdrie office for an appointment.

  • Swollen or receding gums
  • Bleeding during brushing or flossing
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Visible buildup
  • Problems with food packing under your gums

What Treatments Are Available?

Once gum disease has been identified, you must treat it quickly. The deep pockets under your tissues harbor bacteria that cannot be eradicated by brushing and flossing alone. Root scaling is a method of deep cleaning the pockets. Pocket Reductions and Gum Grafts are surgeries to tighten or restore the gum-line, protecting the roots of your teeth.

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Once gum disease has a hold on you teeth, it doesn’t let go easily. It is so important to have your regular exams to catch it early. Call our West Airdrie Dental office to schedule your appointment today!

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