Smiling could prolong your life

Do you find yourself keeping your smile to yourself? Is there something about showing off your teeth bothering you? Perhaps you should consider changing that.

You might be surprised to learn that how big you smile can predict your life span. A 2010 Wayne State University research project studied pre-1950s major league player baseball cards. According to Ron Gutman, author of Smile: The Astonishing Powers of a Simple Act, “The researchers found that the span of a player’s smile could actually predict the span of his life.

Players who didn’t smile for their baseball card pictures lived an average of only 72.9 years, whereas players with beaming smiles lived an average of almost 80 years.” Must be the endorphin rush that keeps you going longer!

Welcome to the world of cosmetic dentistry!

While traditional dentistry addresses the health of your teeth and gums, cosmetic dentistry focuses on the appearance of your teeth, mouth, and smile. Here are some ways to ways to fix your smile via Cosmetic Dentistry

tooth with crown cartoon
  1. Dental Crowns: Crowns, or caps, are custom made to fit over your existing tooth after it has been prepped. For cosmetic purposes, crowns are usually made from ceramic, porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. Crowns are used in cosmetic dentistry to cover teeth that are broken or chipped, have large fillings, are oddly shaped, or to cover spaces in between teeth.
  2. Veneers: This is a procedure that can be used to repair or improve the appearance of a tooth that has been badly stained, broken or chipped, or mildly crooked. These are made from a thin piece of porcelain or other material and cemented to your tooth.
  3. Orthodontic Treatments: Orthodontics is not just a childhood rite of passage any longer. More and more adults are seeking treatment from orthodontists for cosmetic purposes. Advancements in straightening teeth include braces that actually hide the fact you are having orthodontic work done!
  4. Tooth Bonding: Bonding is the process in which tooth-colored material made of composite resin placed on the tooth then shaped to fit and hardened with a light. This can be used as a cost-effective method to repair and improve the appearance of a tooth that has been stained, broken or chipped and even fill in gaps.
  5. Teeth Whitening: Sometimes the simplest thing will be the most effective at giving you the bright smile you deserve. There are several methods available: surface abrasives (often found in toothpaste), bleaching and bleaching with laser or light. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for any or all of these procedures. Thin enamel, sensitive teeth or gums, or other oral issues may mean whitening will cause more harm than good. Always check with your dentist before whitening your teeth at home.                                                                

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Your Questions Answered About Teeth Whitening Done at Home…

“All the statistics in the world can’t measure the warmth of a smile.” – Author Unknown


Getting whitening has been an easy choice for so many people.


As hard as it may be to believe, most people are admiring their new brighter smile within days, not weeks or months of their treatment. Sometimes within hours, depending on the type of treatment you’re getting! What’s even better is, during treatment you’ll be able to go about your day to day activities without any major changes to your routine.


Here are the 3 most asked questions when it comes to whitening your teeth:


How Long Will Your Teeth Stay White?

The effects of whitening are thought to last up to three years.  However, this will vary from person to person.  The effect is less likely to last if you smoke or eat or drink products that can stain your teeth.

What Are the Side Effects?

Some people experience these more common side effects:

  • Their teeth become sensitive to cold during or after the treatment
  • They have discomfort in the gums
  • Their throat may feel sore a sore
  • White patches may appear on the gum line

These symptoms are usually temporary and should disappear within a few days of the treatment finishing.  If any of these side effects continue or you determine there’s something else related to your whitening, ask your dentist even though you didn’t have it done at the office.

The Opalescence system
The Opalescence system


There are many home whitening kits available. The Opalescence system is one that is highly recommended and supported by West Airdrie Dental.  Feel free to ask one of our staff for more information on our take home kits.




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Teeth Whitening – More Questions You Want Answered

Fun Fact: No two people have the same set of teeth—your teeth are as unique as your fingerprint, so be proud of your unique set of teeth.


If you’re like a lot of dental patients, there’s been an upswing in interest regarding the teeth whitening process. Since your teeth are unique to you, you want to be sure they look as good as possible.


Here are 4 more popular questions and an answer to each.


Can Whitening Toothpastes be Effective?


There are several whitening toothpastes on the market.  Although they do not affect the natural color of your teeth, they may be effective at removing stains.  Therefore, they may improve the overall appearance of your teeth.  Once your teeth have been professionally whitened, whitening toothpastes may help the process to last longer.


Can a Single Tooth Which Has Been Root Filled be Whitened?


Yes.  Sometimes dead teeth become discolored after a root filling.  If the tooth has been root treated, the canal (which contained the nerve) may be reopened.  The whitening product is then applied from the inside to whiten the tooth.


When Might Teeth Whitening Not Work?


Teeth whitening can only lighten your existing teeth color.  Also, it only works on natural teeth.  It will not work on any types of ‘false’ teeth such as dentures, crowns and veneers.  If your dentures are stained or discolored visit your dental team and ask for them to be cleaned.


How Can I Look After My Teeth Once They Have Been Whitened?


You can help to keep your teeth white by cutting down on the amount of food and drinks you have that can stain teeth.  Stopping smoking can also help prevent discoloration and staining.


 Here are 3 recommended tips to take care of your teeth:


  • Brush your teeth before bed and at least one other time during the day, with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks
  • Visit your dentist regularly as recommend.


In addition to this topic, we’re pleased to offer a FREE report that provides information vital to forming good dental habits. Why not get your copy now? Your New White Smile is Easy To Get, is just a click away. And it’s absolutely FREE.


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